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Welcome 2019

Welcome 2019


Welcome 2019! I love the beginning of a new year. It is funny how we act as if something magical happens between December 31 and January 1. Like there is some physical thing that changes at midnight that makes it easy to start something new or loose weight or whatever it is that we want to get done.

I, for one, embrace the feeling of a fresh start. To me it is like a starting line of a race that I have been dying to line up for. The new year represents a chance to hit the reset button and get back after it. Life can drag you down and circumstances can beat you up but when January 1 rolls around you feel like you have the permission to wipe the slate clean and go again.

I know that there are tons of statistics that talk about how many people set new year’s resolutions and how many of them fail and fall short. And of course most of us have had that exact experience and I would argue that all of us fall short, a lot of the time. But I am going to look at this year a little differently. Instead of lining out a bunch of giant goals that I have to get done for 2019 to be successful, I think I am going to set my goals and then treat every MORNING as another January 1st. See, if we set our goals at the first of the year and then treat that day as the only starting line, when we drop the ball or eat the big mac then we feel like we failed in our progress and we quit. That is absolutely ridiculous! A year is a long time and our lives are even longer. We have time to accomplish what we want to do!

God gave us this really cool diurnal way of life for a reason. Diurnal is my big word for the day. It means “recurring everyday” or “having a daily cycle.” Basically, we get a fresh start every 24 hrs. How cool is that?? Every day we get to hit the reset button, go to sleep and then get up and hammer down. That is so rad! I think that so many of us fail in our goals for a year because we act as if we only get one chance every 365 days so reset and try again but that just isn’t true. We act as if perfection is the only way to get something done but well all know that isn’t even realistic. We beat ourselves up for eating that scone when we are trying to lose weight, or don’t write our blog when we are trying to build something new (yeah, that’s me), or drop whatever ball we are trying to carry. Then we say to ourselves “Well, I messed up today so I might as well just quit” and we go back to our old habits or stop the progress we have already made.

I have a better idea I think. Why don’t we set some lofty, cool, important goals, make a plan to accomplish them and then start EVERYDAY like its January 1st. And if you botch a day, no biggie, it all starts again tomorrow!

Every little bit of progress you make is still progress. And little steps, added together over time, equal huge accomplishments. I think the famous quote “The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” is great but it leaves out the fact that if you forget to take a step a some point along the way, or you trip and fall, you are still right there and ready to make progress again as soon as you take another step. You don’t have to go back to the beginning and start over!

I have put the stop to so many things in my life because I acted like I had to get it perfect or why bother. That is just ridiculous and this year is going to be different. Want to join me?? Let’s take this year, one day at a time and kick the crap out of some amazing accomplishments!

Thanks for reading again! I hope you all have a wonderful day and I hope that you have the best year ever. But if you stumble and fall, don’t give up until 2020. Dust yourself off and start again tomorrow!

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Wear Out Or Rust Out!

Wear Out Or Rust Out!

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