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End of 2018

End of 2018


As 2018 winds down to an end, it is time to look back and take stock in the year and how it went. It is also, and more importantly, time to look forward and plan out the coming year. Until a couple years ago I never took any time to do these things. I always just blundered through life and would celebrate on new years eve, wake up hung over the next day and go on without a care in the world. That all changed 2 years ago when I decided to stop drinking for a year and try to fix my mistake of opening another shop. As 2017 approached I had purpose, I had a plan (it was weak but it was a plan) and I had a clear head for once. That was such a good decision and I had a much better year. It was so good that I decided to just quit drinking period and made a commitment to live more “on purpose” as I moved forward.

Even though I don’t like to dwell on the past or focus on past mistakes, I do find it helpful to take a look at the past year as a sort of after action review. I like to look at what when well, what didn’t go that well and what I could have done to do a better job. It’s not a “woe is me” session and it certainly isn’t a beat yourself up session. I like to look at it as a time for celebration and focus on being better as I charge on into life. So, here is my short year in review as an example for you guys if you want to try this out.

What went well/Goals I completed: Ride Montrose event, OHV Tag sale day, Peach Valley guidebook, started rental business, stayed in ok shape, started blog, grew my social audience, spent time with family, won a moto race, started my facebook live show.

What didn’t go too well: My hip deteriorated and needs to be replaced, I let my fitness go towards the end of year and gained some weight back, could not motivate an employee and had to let him go, did not pay off as much debt as I would like to have, relationship with Ruth did not grow as much as it needs to (was too busy and pre-occupied), still stress too much about business.

What will I do going forward: Schedule time better, get hip fixed, pay off debt faster, set more specific fitness goals, schedule time with Ruth before all other things, more focused time with God everyday, laugh more!!

There we go! This isn’t some magic key to a great year but for me it is a start to making a solid plan for my upcoming year. It is a framework so to speak that I will now take and use to make my plans and schedule for 2019.

I also like to get my goals down on paper for the year so that I can break them down into steps I can take to accomplish them. I am still learning this process and I am still really far from being proficient but here is a short list of some of the things I am looking forward to tackling this year.

2019 Goals: Write more blog posts, 1 date night a week with Ruth, a bigger family vacation, Write Uncompahgre Plateau guidebook, get my resting heart rate down into the 50’s, weigh in the 170’s consistently, grow rental business to at least 6 bikes, start a moto destination campground/training zone, host Ride Montrose again.

That is the short list, I have so much I want to get done this year. And I know that I won’t finish it all but I have a list and now I am going to take some time by my self with actual paper and pen and tighten up those goals. Make them more S.M.A.R.T.E.R. (that is a great acronym by Michale Hyatt that you can google).

As you can see, one of those goals is to write more blog posts. I know I keep mentioning that but I really am going to double down this year and try to put out more meaningful content. If you think that is a good idea, shoot me a message on email or in the socials and let me know. Also, if you have anything specifically you want to hear more about or know more about, put that in the message too. I would also love to hear your goals for 2019 and if there is anyway I can help you achieve them I would love to help! Even if I am just an accountability partner for you, reminding you that you set them.

Thanks again for your valuable time and energy. It means the absolute world to me that you take the time to read my words. Have a wonderful day and make sure you are grateful!!!

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Welcome 2019

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