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Dentist office or therapy session??

Dentist office or therapy session??


So I know that this blog is a journey to motorcycles and beyond but I figure that some funny stuff from my day to day life might be interesting too so I am going to sprinkle in some of my current events along the way if you don't mind.

So.... Yesterday dawned early again (4:30am is when I get up during the week) and promised to be a pretty normal Friday with the added bonus of a dentist appointment at 7 am.  Like most people I just LOVE the dentist.  Ok that is sarcastic as you can imagine and if you are a person who loves the dentist or you ARE a dentist I am sorry for hating the visits.  It really stems from the fact that my dental hygiene isn't that good.  Ok, its pretty terrible.  I have been blessed with some pretty tough teeth so I haven't had to be that great at it to keep them cavity free but as I near my twilight years my gums are needing attention. 

Anyway, I headed to the appointment after brushing my teeth twice.  Am I the only one who tries to make up for a lack of brushing right before the visit???  I got in, sat down and my really nice hygienist came in and started to check out my mouth.  While I have a disdain for the dental profession, I do have a massive amount of respect for anyone willing to stare into a mouth at 7 am.  That must be horrid and to you folks, my hat is off.  While I was getting comfortable I hear "Super Freak" by Rick James playing.  I didn't think much of it.  As she was checking things out she began to tell me that I need a deep cleaning (i.e. tons of pain and a fair amount of money) and that I really needed to be better at this.  "I know, I know.  I'm just so busy, I just don't have time"  Blah blah blah...  

I started explaining that I am going to add flossing and brushing into my daily routine and that I should be able to handle that because I have been changing my life over the last year with adding and subtracting things to my routine.  I mentioned that I am 30 lbs lighter than I was in January and that my wife and I had quit drinking and so I should have the discipline to finally handle what a 5 year old does regularly. 

After the drinking comment she looked at me and said "My husband and I quit drinking 2.5 years ago but it was for other reasons than just a change."  "Oh, yeah... I feel way better and have saved a ton of money" I replied.  She continued to tell me that her husband had had a pretty serious problem with drinking and that his rock bottom had come when he got into a fight (with a guy who probably deserved it) and broke the guys jaw.  That ended in a felony charge and a come to Jesus moment between the two of them.  We then began talking about how much better we feel and how alcohol really isn't something we miss at all.  We shared quite a few stories and a nice moment while I sat in the chair.  She got up to go get the dentist and now I heard "Hammer Time" by MC Hammer on the office stereo.  I was pretty stoked but I didn't think much about it, again. Now it was time for the dentist to come in. 

A nice young kid in scrubs walked in and introduced himself as the dentist.  WHAT?? YOU are the dentist.  I really am getting old.  This kid looked like he might be racing against my son on dirt bikes.  Anyway, junior started giving me the lecture about my teeth and gums and how I not only need to take better care of them but also that I should see an orthodontist because of how crooked they are. They really are crooked darn it!  As he is explaining the benefits of all of this he mentions that it would help me get a nice night's sleep.  I laughed and said "If you can make me sleep better you will have done something no one else can."  "Huh, what's wrong with your sleep?" he said.  "Oh, I don't know, I just don't ever sleep.  I stay up late, I get up early and in between I wake up and worry."  He was very interested and probed further.  I then began to explain the troubles and worries of entrepreneurship, the fact that I'm closing down one of my shops, all the money I have lost, the debt I have to repay blah blah blah.   He was truly concerned and said that maybe helping my mouth could be a step in the right direction.  I said OK!

My hygienist sat me back up and explained that we would do the real cleaning when I came back for the deep cleaning and that I was free to go.  I got up and headed to the front desk to make my appointments and as I sat down I heard "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye.  WAIT A MINUTE!!!  No way anyone has ever heard those 3 songs in one visit to the dentist.  NO FREAKING WAY!  I asked the front desk lady what station they were playing and she told me it was Michael Jackson Radio on Pandora.  I told her that it was by far the "coolest" trip I had ever had to the dentist.  On top of that I was able to have some meaningful discussions with my dentist and hygienist.  My teeth didn't get clean buy my soul felt a little lighter so I call it a win!

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