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The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real


Life is pain! I know I have uttered these words and lot of other people have had this sentiment through the years but should it be?

I am struggling right now with my health again. Nothing scary or terminal but I am just not feeling like I want to feel.

My right hip is junk. I have had 3 separate doctors explain to me that it needs to be replaced and that it will only get worse until I do that. It has made it incredibly hard to put my right sock on in the morning and I have the classic “dirtbiker” limp. I am in pain most of the day because of it and even riding my bicycle can be uncomfortable.

Because my hip is jacked up I now place way to much strain on my left leg when bending and moving around which has caused my left knee to develop some sort of issue. I say “some sort” because I don’t really want to go to the Dr about that until I get my hip fixed.

To top all of that off I recently crashed at a pretty good clip and broke a rib or two which most of you know isn’t pleasant at all. Coughing and sneezing are just a ton of fun.

My favorite part of my current story is that business is being a huge pain in my butt. I love the shop and I love the work but I can’t seem to win right now. I let one mechanic go, the next one in was amazing but then was arrested for a warrant that he had and has now decided that he needs to be closer to family. The Basecamp Montrose deal was going well but I began to find out that the partner I was dealing with wasn’t the kind of person I want to be involved with so I backed out of that. Not really the spring I was hoping for.

Ok, I know that all sounds like a ton of whining and maybe it is but the reason I am talking about this is not to whine or get sympathy. I am mentioning it so that you all know that we are all struggling. I put on a good face on the social stuff just like most of us do but I want you to know that it isn’t fake. Despite all of this crap that really isn’t much fun to deal with I really am much happier and peaceful than I was just a few years ago. I am amazed that all of this hasn’t sent me in to the normal spiral that I use to experience in the past. It was that kind of spiral that lead to the really dark times that I have written about in the past. It was that spiral that almost ruined my marriage and my business. And I am so stoked to be able to experience this stuff without it ruining my life or even my week. I still lose a few days here and there to it. But I am working on that.

Want to know what has changed? I don’t take these burden on myself. I can’t, I am not strong enough or tough enough to do that. I know that my problems are relatively small compared to a bunch of yours but trust me when I say I alone can’t deal with them. I have mentioned this before but it bares saying again. I have placed my trust in Jesus and it as changed my life. I know that this isn’t the most popular or trendy thing to say but it is the truth. There are much smarter people out there who could explain this better than me and I am not here to preach or be dogmatic. I just want everyone to know that there is a way to peace in the midst of the storm of life and if you want to talk about it I would love to.

Ok, so there is another part of the puzzle that I need to mention and this one is a little more obvious if you follow me on social media….

DIRTBIKES!!! I know I yell that phrase all the time and I do nothing but post about the #gospeloftwowheels but it is also a key ingredient to my sanity and peace. It is absolutely amazing to me that even when I am struggling to buckle my boots and putting on my riding vest is excruciating, as soon as I fire up the bike and let the clutch out, the pain and suffering go away. No BS, just last Thursday night I was not in good shape but decided to ride anyway because some folks from out of town had come just to ride with us on a Thursday night ride. I think I hid my pain pretty well but getting geared up was a chore to say the least and every breath and cough produced searing pain. But as soon as we headed down the road and onto the trail, the compression, combustion, and exhaust of that little two stroke blew the pain away and it was all happy and fun for the night.

I know that motorbikes are what have caused a ton of my pain and injury but I cannot explain to you how very much it has all been worth it. My wife doesn’t get it, my parents don’t get it, most of the world can’t get it but I know that my brothers and sister in the #gospeloftwowheels GET IT!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope I can get motivated to write some more. This is so much fun for me and I hope you enjoy it too. If you ever want to chat about anything, shoot me an email at

Hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful and hopefully throttle filled day!

Good But Not Perfect

Good But Not Perfect