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Funny and Stubborn part 2

Funny and Stubborn part 2


So, you will remember from my last post that I had just scheduled surgery to remove some hardware from my exploded leg and also scheduled a flight to Minnesota 3 days after to buy a bike and ride it back.  Not the absolute best decision and definitely not a favorite of my wife but it was happening.  

The day of the surgery came and I reported to the surgical center right on time and they wheeled me in to get those pesky screws out of my ankle.  I was stoked because I was back on my feet but my ankle just wasn’t moving like it should yet and I was ready to be 100% again.  Because of the relative gnarliness of the procedure (digging into my bone and unscrewing some titanium bolts) they put me under a general anesthetic.  The surgery went well but took a little longer than expected because my bones had grown over the screws and it took a little more chipping and digging to get to them.  Because of that, they had upped my meds and I was in quite a haze when I woke up.  

Ruth got me into the car and we started home.  In my drug-induced stupor, I informed her that I would head back to the shop and finish out the day and I would see her that evening.  I really wish I could have recorded the next 30 minutes of my life, it was priceless and ridiculous.  

“No sweetie, you can’t drive, much less work right now,” she said nicely.  “I’m fine, I have to go back and finish some stuff up,” I argued.  I don’t really remember the rest of the conversation but it got heated and my “voice of reason” wife put her foot down and told me there was no way she was letting me drive in my condition.  My drug-addled mind and my amazing stubbornness lead me to “storm” out of the car in our driveway with my crutches and begin to hobble towards the shop.  That’s right, I was going to crutch my way all the way to the shop, work and then crutch home dammit!  

It is amazing what drugs can do to your brain.  I honestly believed that I could do it.  And I was so stupid that I began to try.  Fortunately for my leg and my armpits, I didn’t make the trip. I ended up back at home resting and apologizing.  I mean I did have a big motorcycle trip coming up!  

Hahaha, I don’t know if that is as funny in print as it was in person but it was hilarious.  Not so much at the time but after the drugs wore off and I had begged forgiveness from Ruth it was pretty freaking funny.  Ruth even took a picture of me crutching away from the house because she knew how dumb I was.  I don't have that or I would share it here.

Thanks for joining me again.  I know these are spread out a bit but I have another project I am working on right now that I have to finish so I am going to do this once a week for now but will pick up the pace later once my other writing project is done.

As always, if anyone out there wants to reach out, I am always available at or 970-275-2261.  If you need a friend, an ear or you want to just talk, feel free to contact me.  This life is tough and it sure helps to have friends.

Today I am grateful for lots of work at the shop, spring time, and this computer I am writing on.  Have a great day and God Bless You!

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