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A Step Backwards...

A Step Backwards...

“Don’t worry about changing direction, just make sure you always have a direction”
— T. Scott Spradling

I loved that Vespa and we had some amazing times.  But being a young college student with a nasty case of un-diagnosed ADD I found another thing that caught my interest. 

As I mentioned earlier, I was (and still am) a massive fan of SKA music and I had some buddies who were musicians in Ft. Collins.  We hung out all the time and decided that we needed to start a band.  Because of course that should be super easy and straight forward.  I had taken guitar lessons in high school and knew how to play approximately ONE song pitifully so I was going to be the rhythm guitarist.  Only one small problem...  I didn't have a guitar or an amp. 

I had quit my job at Hardee's after paying my friend back for the Vespa and was back to having ZERO dollars.  That presented an obvious roadblock in my path to fame and fortune as a SKA legend but nothing I couldn't over come.  After much consideration (and most likely WAY too many 90 schilling beers that I couldn't afford) I decided I would sell my Vespa to buy a guitar.  I searched around and, as if God himself was guiding me, I found a used American made Fender Stratocaster for exactly $750 dollars.  That was the same amount I had paid for the scooter!  It was providence!  Now I just had to sell the scooter for the same amount I paid for it before I had ridden it and even wrecked it.  Straight forward really. 

Amazingly enough that plan went really well.  I was able to sell the Vespa quickly and I bought the guitar.  I was on my way to my dream.  Soon I would be on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans (mainly hot chicks) wowing them with my guitar prowess!!  I just needed an amp.  Looking back is so much fun really.  I can't believe how ridiculous this all looks from 25 years in the future. 

My younger self was so enthusiastic and fired up about things that never came to fruition.  But you know I think that is what life is all about.  My dad once gave me one of my favorite pieces of advice in the midst of all of this meandering around.  I was in the middle of changing my major from business (I know, I should have stuck that out) to natural resources management and feeling bad about flip flopping and he said "Morgan, don't worry about changing direction, just make sure you always have a direction."  I couldn't agree more.  People with passion, drive and purpose will always be just fine.  They will fail and fall but its the ones with no direction or drive that end up truly failing in life. 

See you soon!  And if you like this experiment, share it around.  It is going to get good!

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A little bit of honesty!